Software solutions visualized

Redesigned product marketing approach

Client: Financial technology startup


If your company makes software for financial institutions, communicating your value proposition means explaining wealth. When the CEO needed help preparing a presentation for an industry conference, it became clear that the company lacked a consistent, compelling narrative about itself and its product. To complete this seemingly straightforward task—prep the CEO for success at the conference—Lex, then head of communications, first had to tackle some basics.

The Work

Lex developed a logical narrative that, for the first time, clearly explained how the company’s software helps wealth managers do their job. And he married that language with a set of branded illustrations and images that together vastly simplified the way the company had previously been presenting similar information. When he was able to distill the information to just a few slides, he knew he'd hit on something. Sure enough, people throughout the company were soon using the slides for functions ranging from marketing to onboarding new employees.


  • The capability to explain wealth at a fundamental level gives this technology company a competitive edge
  • Access to a presentation so intuitive it can be delivered with minimal practice empowers brand ambassadors throughout the company