Sequencing change to overcome resistance

Leveraged imagery and novel phasing to overhaul a website

Client: Financial technology startup


When your website is ailing, symptoms show up in many forms. For a technology company serving the finance sector, those included lost opportunities and frustrated employees. But after several misfires, how do you build a new website without inciting further internal angst? That was the challenge facing Lex, then the company’s head of communications. After clarifying the goal, context, and priority audiences, Lex discerned that the sequencing of steps was as important as the actual changes to content, design, and site structure. In short, the site needed to be overhauled in such a way that employees, in particular, would simultaneously support the changes and barely notice them.

The Work

To combat extreme change fatigue, Lex developed a plan to overhaul the website gradually—reorganizing and renovating existing content while maintaining the site’s look-and-feel, and later removing content that was redundant, confusing, or off-brand. Next, he replaced stock imagery with his own original photographs of company employees in action. By portraying the staff's intensity, diversity, and unique personalities, these pictures capture the essence of the company’s culture, honor its employees, and represent a significant leap forward in its ability to attract new business and senior talent.


  • Solicit feedback on the website(s) from all employees, but limit the project team to those with the right skills to get the job done
  • Deliberately sequence and pace modifications to accommodate employees' tolerance for change